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Add your products and services on Caribe.Shopping, the commercial portal for all Shops and Company in the Caribbean

From Smartphone or Computer you manage your shop and sell your products without intermediaries or additional costs

We will send you the Direct Link of your online store, you can insert it anywhere: Business Cards, Advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Social

We do not ask for any commission on products or sales!

Only the annual membership fee USD $150

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The web portal was born from the idea of ​​grouping the shops and activities present in Caribe, to create an online shopping center in order to provide an effective tool capable of increasing the turnover of all members, acquiring online a strengthening of its customers, achieving an increase in revenues and collections. is the result of a careful and efficient professional IT study.

It allows you to increase sales within your territory, increasing the wealth of your country. We love to ensure that stores have a tool that allows them to be present on the online market and can sell their products directly.

The strong point is also the name, certainly typed into the search engine by those looking for shops and wanting to shop. You will be easily reachable in the search engines by all possible customers looking for shopping in the Caribbean.

At a low cost you create an e-commerce site for your business. Thanks to the direct link of your shop, your customers will always be able to find you, from your Facebook or WhatsApp page and business cards

With you have your showcase on the world, you have your online product catalog always available, with the showcase always open,

Sell ​​to tourists nonstop, "From the beach and the ship you can buy in the shop". Tourists can buy from the beach or even after the holiday is over!

You make yourself known on the web, customers will also come in person to touch your products.

If you already own your e-commerce site, we will put the link of your site within the portal and you will not lose the visibility that comes from the name of the Caribe.Shopping portal.


You just have to register (registration link) and you can already enter your products. You will have your showcase with your name and your logo-photo that identifies you, you will enter with your username and password and you will be able to upload all your products.

In the portal you sell your products directly.

You can sell and ship the product or you can sell and deliver the goods with in-store pickup.

We do not ask for any commission on sales, no exclusivity, no costs other than the annual fee of 150 USD, training and assistance are included. offers e-commerce, you manage the store, with user and password you publish the products, sell and receive the money.

You can sell and ship the product or you can sell and deliver the goods with in-store pickup.

You can create a showcase site with prices or without prices in which you publish all the services, consultancy and projects you carry out and thus you will advertise.

Being part of the portal certainly means acquiring new business at an affordable and convenient cost
We are waiting for you, register and subscribe to and you will have your showcase on the world.
We remind you that we give you the e-commerce service.
Receiving payments, shipments, orders, returns, it's all managed by you!
You will be the one to receive the money directly from the web customer.

Make yourself known on the web, they will also come in person to touch your products


Default Setting - Payment
When the order is completed, the seller will contact the customer directly for payment

Default Setting - Shipment
When the order is completed, the seller will contact the customer directly for the shipment

The seller trades directly with the customer

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